5 Reasons to Visit TCI In 2017

5 Reasons to Visit TCI In 2017

It is no secret that the country of Turks and Caicos is home to the world’s best beach; as voted numerous times now via the Traveller Choice Awards, Grace Bay Beach is better than any other shore the planet has to offer.

It is also no secret in 2017 that Turks and Caicos offers holiday goers with a unique opportunity to island hop and explore the Caribbean in a truly special way, being home to 40 separate islands and cays which all boast their own identities and attractions.

Hence, this lo-down of five reasons to visit TCI in 2017 is focused not on the better known attractions and reasons to head to TCI, but some of those that whilst equally impressive and worth visiting might not have yet hit the radar of those looking to holiday in TCI.

  1. Wade’s Green Plantation

By far the most impressive surviving loyalist plantations in the Caribbean, as attested by the TCI National Trust website, Wade’s Green Plantation is situated in North Caicos and in the quaint settlement of Kew.

Visitors to Wade’s Green Plantation can enjoy exploring hundreds of acres of peaceful TCI countryside as well as potentially catching one of the numerous historical re-enactments held in the Plantation to depict and commemorate the emancipation which came to establish the Plantation during in the 18th century and Revolutionary War.

You needn’t be a history buff though to enjoy Wade’s Green Plantation, or even necessarily take an interest in its origins though; the Plantation quite simply provides a truly unique way to immerse one’s self in the splendour of TCI’s rural countryside and take a leisurely stroll that all the family are likely to enjoy.

  1. Ann’s Art Gallery

Anna’s Art Gallery is located on the Island of Providenciales. Being the most popular island on which holiday makers to Turks and Caicos opt to stay, this makes the gallery a fantastically convenient attraction. That said, it is by no means its proximity to many of TCI’s best loved resorts, including the Alexandra Resort, which makes Anna’s gallery so popular.

A gallery as frequented by TCI locals as tourists, Anna’s is one of the most exciting galleries in TCI and is chockfull of canvases and pieces that explore, celebrate and depict the most beautiful and awe-inspiring aspects of the country itself.

Anna Bourne, a self taught artist, established the gallery to showcase her own seascapes and express her personal enthusiasm for the natural wonders TCI is home to. The positive reception the gallery instantly received means that today it is not only a fantastic place to visit, but one of the best places to pick up souvenirs and gifts to take back home.

To learn more about the gallery, visit the official Anna’s At Gallery website where you can also see for yourself some of the amazing works for show and for sale in the gallery.

  1. Half Moon Bay

As aforementioned, most people thinking of travelling to TCI will already be familiar with Grace Bay, the Island of Provo and as well many of the most popular attractions TCI has to offer. For those looking for a far more intimate, less tourist populated and by far more peaceful place to sunbathe, meander on the sands and soak up some rays though, Half Moon Bay is the place to head.

Home to a lagoon, some of TCI’s growing number of rock iguanas and dotted with low cliffs and a stunning beach, Half Moon Bay is situated between the better known of Little Water Cay and Water Cay. To learn more about this all but desert island and how to get there whilst in TCI, head over to the Visit TCI website.

  1. Shark Diving

Whilst many travel to TCI to relax, unwind and kick back, almost as many head over to explore, adventure and exploit any number of the wild and extreme sporting and thrill seeking activities the country provides. Hence, adrenaline junkies should not be put off by TCI’s laid back culture and dreamy scenery and shores; rather, those looking for kicks more than ways of kicking back in the Caribbean will no doubt love some if not many of the activities provided by the Caicos Adventures Company.

By far the most exhilarating and wowing activity provided by Caicos Adventures is the opportunity they provide to take a real life shark-dive. As described via the Caicos Adventures website, shark diving in TCI is actually a far more exciting experience than doing so in the arguably better known Bahamas as TCI’s many shores are a haven for ‘big fish’ and their population of said ‘big fish’ far outnumber that of neighbouring Caribbean countries.

Hence, TCI really is the treasure trove and jackpot for those looking to head to the Caribbean in 2017 to enjoy some serious water sports, extreme excursions and as well high adrenaline diving.

  1. Casablanca Casino

Whilst TCI is home to many bars and has a lively and colourful as well as welcoming nightlife with most of its night scene being enjoyed, especially by tourists, on Provo’s northern tip and in and around the locale of Grace Bay, one place that never fails to deliver on the entertainment front whatever night of the week is the Casablanca Casino.

Visitors t the Casablanca Casino needn’t be avid gamblers or even have an interest in gambling to enjoy the lively atmosphere and community as well as the drinks and entertainment provided by the casino; the Casablanca is an establishment where tourists and locales go to mix, meet and enjoy a great night as much as gamble. Its popularity is also perhaps somewhat to do with the fact that it provides some of the best and as well most affordable drinks in TCI.

Therefore, for a truly special and unforgettable night out, the Casablanca Casino is definitely the place to head whilst in TCI. To learn more about why, head over to the Casablanca Casino website.  Alternatively, or for more ideas as to how and where to spend your evenings whilst vacationing in TCI, give the Where When How website a visit as it features an in-depth lo-down of where the best gigs, concerts, offers and night are to be head every day of the week in TCI, and every night of the year.

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