Best Family Vacation Spots to Visit in Singapore

Best Family Vacation Spots to Visit in Singapore

If you were planning to go of town and into another country, Singapore is already calling out to you and your family. With so many places to visit, there isn’t time to introduce it to you. This article will go right to the places you should visit in Singapore for a vacation .So pack your bags, get your visas ready. If you haven’t applied for a visa yet, go now to the nearest Visa Express Consultancy near you and get this trip going.

Universal Studios Singapore

What good way is there to kick off your family vacation than to go a place where everyone can enjoy? In universal studios, you give your family the benefit of seeing all those favourite movies in a park. You can enjoy a ride in the world famous “Transformers”, or “Madagascar”. There are seven areas dedicated to 7 different themes that follow movies that proved to be the epitome of this Studio from America. There are also performances here that show case the different movies produced like Shrek. There are many events themed here for the different periods, so make sure you visit this place!

Jurong Bird Park

It is time you get a refreshing visit to a place where living things matter. The Jurong Bird Park is Asia’s largest bird park with the collection of 5000 birds of 400 different species. It is most famous for the waterfall aviary that takes you to see more than 600 birds and 100 types of plants. There even is a coast for penguins and shows that are wildly entertaining. Visiting this park will give you and your family that needed break from technology and experience wildlife first hand.

National Orchid Gardens

Had enough of the gardens? Then do visit this place. Placed inside the world heritage site “Botanical Gardens” of Singapore, it was opened in 1995. It located in its highest hill and is home more than 1000 species of orchids, 2000 hybrids. Like universal studios, this place has been divided into sections reflecting the seasons. Winter provides white-coloured orchids with hints of violet, Spring offers gold, yellow, and creams. Red and pink dominates the red area and you’ll see mature colour shades in the Autumn area. This place is perfect for pictures and being one with nature. Kids will be able to appreciate the colours of earth and remember it forever.

The Marina Bay’s Singapore Flyer

When you and the kids are exhausted from walking around and having fun, the perfect place to close the day is at The Marina Bay. The sea and the city will never mix as good it does in this place. Make the night memorable by riding the Ferris wheel called the Singapore flyer. Standing at 165 metres at the highest point, the sunset will take your breath away. As you see the sun sink into the horizon, you’ll see the wondrous city light up its buildings one by one and bask in the nightlife of Singapore’s skyline.

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