Blackpool is a unitary authority and a seaside resort in Lancashire, in England. It is in the northwest coast of England. Blackpool got its prominence, and became a major centre of attraction in England in 1840s when a railway was built which connected it with the industrialised region of Northern England. Because of the railway, it got very easy for visitors to reach and visit Blackpool, making it one of the most popular sites of England. Soon, Blackpool become a very known visiting place for tourists. With its increasing popularity, public houses, shops, theatres, trams and rides were added to the place for the visitors to have an amazing time.

Things to do in Blackpool:

Here’s a few cool things which you can do when staying in Blackpool;

Tower Eye & Comedy Carpet:

A trip to Blackpool, seaside resort would not be complete if you don’t visit the Blackpool Tower. It is one of Blackpool most popular attractions. You can get bumper Blackpool Tower experience just at £5m revamp. The package includes 4D cinema with outstanding sites and with special effects. You can also step out on the Sky Walk once you have reached the tower. The view there is breath-taking. After you are finished enjoying the view, there is also a comedy carpet which is just a short walk away. This is also one of the newest, amazing attractions of Blackpool. The place is a public art piece where great British comedy is celebrated by sharing everyone’s favourite jokes and songs.

The Beach, Promenade and Piers:

In order to indulge in a proper traditional British summertime fun, a visit to Blackpool beach would be the most perfect thing to do. You can go there with your families, where you can build sandcastles and do paddling in the sea. Talking about Piers, there are three different piers along Blackpool beach. The Central pier, the North pier and the South pier. A ride to Central pier is highly recommended which is over 100 ft high and offers amazing views across Blackpool. So, if you are out with your family, this is the must thing to do in Blackpool. This is going to be one of the experiences which our family won’t forget for long. So, go on, enjoy the beach and the activities which it offers.

Grundy Art Gallery:

If you are an art lover, this is the most perfect place for you to visit. The Grundy Art Gallery offers features with visual art exhibitions from old and new artists across the world. The Grundy Art is the greatest place to get connect an soak up some culture. The exhibitions programs are ever changing here, which makes the place even more beautiful. And the people who art, galleries. They can just spend their whole day here without even remembering anything else. So, in order to learn some culture and enjoy world’s famous artists exhibtions, Grundy Art Gallery is the most right place for you to go and have fun.

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