Cherry blossom in Japan

Cherry blossom in Japan

If you are planning to go on a vacation in your holidays then you must visit Japan because you can explore the culture and tradition of the beautiful country Japan. Japan is mainly famous for cherry blossom tours and the season of cherry blossom comes in spring season where you will get the life time experience. There are a number of cherry trees that are found in Japan and it attracts more and more tourists. So, you can go with your family for a vacation in Japan where you will get to see the iconic symbol and beautiful artwork. There are many tour companies in Japan who will plan the whole trip for you and you can capture these beautiful moments in your mobile phone and show it to your friends and family. In this tour, you will get to see the sakura and you can also do the booking online.

Cherry blossom festival – As you all know that you will get to watch Japanese cherry blossom but you do not know one thing that they also organize cherry blossom festival everywhere where you will get other facilities such as food, entertainment, games etc. Therefore, these cherry blossom festivals take place in spring season and one thing is sure that you will take back many beautiful memories with you. At night cherry blossom trees look more beautiful.

Hanami – during your Japan tour you will get to view the beautiful flowers of Japan. You and your family will be able to enjoy blossom of sakura. Therefore, they will take you from your place and then they will show you all the beautiful flowers of cherry tree.

Blooming of cherry in early period – It has been seen that cherry tree blossoms between the months of March to May. So, it is a perfect time for you to visit this place.

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