Enjoying Christchurch attractions in New Zealand

Enjoying Christchurch attractions in New Zealand

Can a “free” breakfast make all the difference in how successful a vacation is for travelers who want to see the world? For many travelers, the answer is probably yes. Though it seems odd that such a minor detail could make a big impact on a travel experience, many hotels are learning that giving guests a special experience, with amenities (like a free breakfast) that make them feel pampered, welcomed and provided for, is a major key to creating customer loyalty.

Yes, today’s travelers love those special amenities. Those little “extras” that are included in a hotel stay can go a long way towards making a guest feel comfortable, and adding to the ease of their trip. Let’s face it, being away from home, even when the hotel stay is part of a dream vacation, can make a traveler uncomfortable. The usual familiarities of home are missing, which can make even a seasoned traveler a bit homesick. That’s why added-on perks, like free coffee and a delicious breakfast at no extra cost, goes a long way towards making a weary traveler feel utterly welcome.

Smart Hotels Capitalize on The Need for Amenities and Service

As travel has become more affordable for many people, expectations for special service have risen, and the smart travel establishments know they must keep improving their game in order stay competitive.

Travelers today have a wealth of options for their hotel stays, which is why the places that really cater to their customers are the ones that endure. It’s been found that some amenities are absolutely expected by today’s travelers, like complimentary soap, toiletries and yes, hair dryers. Free wi-fi is also a crucial perk, as is in-room coffee. The best hotels know this, and plan accordingly.

Many boutique style hotels are going beyond the basics and offering perks like free mini bars stocked with special non-alcoholic drinks like ice tea and mineral water. All of these add-ons keep customers happy and coming back on a regular basis.

Going Beyond the In-Room Perks

There’s also another element of customer service that is crucial in keeping hotels popular today. Lodges like the Hotel 115 in Christchurch, New Zealand, keep travelers coming back with amenities like a Therapy Room that offers hot stone massages, foot rubs and body adjustments.

Enjoying the Scenic Attractions of New Zealand

Along with these attractive perks, the Hotel 115 also offers concierge services like arranging for area tours to special christchurch attractions. Attractions here range from scenic boat tours, Safari tours, a Lord of the Rings Tour and an incredible Maori Cultural Experience. The hotel offers guests the opportunity to enjoy all of this, along with enjoying the hotel’s gorgeously appointed lobby and guest rooms. The hotel and the tours can be conveniently booked through the hotel website, making travel that much easier and enjoyable for guests. So, get ready to pack a bag and see all that Christchurch has to offer!

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