Frankfurt on a String

Frankfurt on a String

Frankfurt bubbles of culture, history and restaurants. It is the center of business and banking in Europe. It is also a modern city with some awesome restaurants for great dining. Eat at one of the famous cider houses, taste the flavor of the local dishes or relax in a beer garden. You can spend an afternoon in one of the parks with free entrance or get a taste of Frankfurt’s history in a museum. Frankfurt does not have the charm of Munich, Berlin or Cologne, but the city deserves more attention than it is getting now, being the stopover place most travelers use it for.

Hostel prices

You can sleep in a 10-14 person dorm room around €25 per night. If you prefer fewer beds in the room, like 4-8, you pay around €30 to €35 per night. A private room in a hostel including a private bathroom cost €50 to €70. There are a few camping sites outside the city that have basic facilities. For a standard plot, you pay around €10 per night, with an extra charge for water and electricity.

Budget hotel prices

The prices for a double room with a private bathroom start at €50 per night. A few budget hotels provide free breakfast and WiFi is commonly available. The Moxy Hotels in Frankfurt (the Moxy Hotel Frankfurt Airport and in their budget hotel at Frankfurt Eschborn) are stylish yet still affordable. Renting accommodation from a resident will probably give you the best for your money, a spare room or apartment alike. Shared accommodation through Airbnb will cost you around €19, an entire home or apartment starts at €35 per night.

Average cost of food

Frankfurt is well-known for its food. Eating out in one of the cider houses will cost you about €12 for the food and €4 for a pint of beer. As long as you don’t go to expensive restaurants, you can eat for under €20. If you are looking for a somewhat fancier meal in a restaurant, you will be paying €25 per person at least. Fast food restaurants provide you with something to eat for around €7. Street vendors sell hot dogs and sausages for €2 to €4. When you can cook at the place you are staying, calculate €40 to €60 for groceries for a week.

Transport fares

Single-fare tickets start around €1.80, a one-day ticket on the U-Bahn costs around €7. The Frankfurt Card costs €10.50, and you can take the airport train and all the public transport with that. Exploring the city on a rental bike is the best, rental starts at €10 a day. Avoid taxis as much as you can because they are rather expensive. In Germany buses and trains take you everywhere. A bus ride to Berlin cost between €29 and €50, and when you go by train, you pay €95 to €140. For best prices, it is advisable to book in advance, regardless of your destination.

Suggested daily budget

If you stay in a hostel, don’t eat out much, cook most of your meals yourself and use local transportation, your weekly budget will be €40-€50/$42-$52. You might even get away with less. But if you stay in more comfortable accommodation and eat out a lot, you’ll need more money to spend time in Frankfurt.

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