How to Eat Like the French While on Holiday in France

Anyone who is planning a holiday in France will want to make sure that they eat like the French do every single day.  That way, they will have the best traditional experience as possible during their holiday in France.  

The people who live in France only eat three times a day.  The meals that they do eat can vary depending on the region, but no one there is ever caught snacking in between.  Breakfast is always something light, like coffee and some bread, but lunch and dinners are much larger.  

A baguette is something that everyone going on a holiday in France will want to get used to seeing.  The reason for this is that a baguette is the bread that is eaten for breakfast the most often.  The baguette is spread with butter and jam and is best when eaten fresh.  Another breakfast option is a croissant that is served plain.  

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Lunches and dinner always include meat and vegetables, however, there are more courses for the later meal.  Some of the more traditional French meat dishes include Coq au Vin, Cassoulet, Confit de Canard, and Steak Tartar.  Vegetables play a significant part in both lunch and dinner, even though they are usually just served on the side.  The most popular vegetables include mushrooms, leeks, string beans, tomatoes, onions, and leafy greens.  It doesn’t matter which vegetable is chosen when preparing a meal as long as it is fresh.  

Since dinner usually consists of at least four courses, it is common for the French to eat charcuterie, which is sausage, ham, or cold cuts, prior to their main meal.  While cheese is a major part of any diet in France, people on a holiday in France will be surprised to find that this delicacy is served after the main course, but before dessert.  

There are approximately 500 different types of cheeses produced in France, but every region has their own specialty.  A few of the most popular ones that everyone will want to try while in France include Beaufort, Brie, Chantal, Munster, and Roquefort.

Dessert is never really a big deal in France and most of the time, people will just enjoy some fruit.  However, special occasions call for some of the delicious desserts that can be found in many window displays throughout the country.  A few of the desserts that are purchased the most include mousse au chocolat, chocolate eclairs, tart tatin, and Claufoutis aux Cerises.  

Route Perfect can help anyone taking a holiday in France with the smallest of details, including where to find the best cuisine.  After all, it is important to eat well while on holiday in France or anywhere else in the world.  

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