Kanchenjunga Circuit trek from Nepal

Kanchenjunga Circuit trek from Nepal

Kanchenjunga circuit trekking is very famous trekking way in Kanchenjunga area. Kanchenjunga circuit trekking called as Kanchenjunga base camp trek contain both Oktang base camp and Pangpema base camp. Kanchenjunga trek provides wonderful Himalyan views of Mt. Kanchenjunga Mt. Makalu 8463m, Mt. Lhotse 8516, Mt. Kanchenjunga 8586m, Tibetan monasteries, Nepal peak, and combined culture with forest of rhododendrons.

Kanchenjunga circuit trek take you to the heart of Kanchenjunga Himalayan area. Kanchenjunga circuit trekking is getting famous at current days among nature enthusiasts as it is a long Nepal exciting activity trekking to the most wonderful and remote area of Himalayas Nepal eastern areas. Kanchenjunga means 5 treasures of the great snow which is in reference to the 5 summits that make up Kanchenjunga trekking become more famous. Since, trekking in Kanchenjunga is less crowded visitors will be satisfied with special insights into Nepal rural lifestyle and its top culture.

Getting in and out

Taplejung district Nepal capital Taplejung district is the nearest town to Mt. Kanchenjunga accessible by air or road. Each option – flying or driving is an adventure in itself.

What to pack

Pack light and try to fit everything in a big daypack. Bring a resting bag rated at least zero temperature, a sleeping pad, and hot clothes including a gloves and hat.

The key to beating AMS or Acute Mountain Sickness to drink lots of water, so each visitor should carry with at least two liters of capacity. Safe, boiled clean water from locals is a best way to fill bottles and make friends, but plan on bringing a few bottles of iodine tables or a similar treatment choice to fill in the spaces.

Packing a few power bears from Kathmandu to supply plus calories on particularly strenuous days is best idea. Finally, load up on health supplies and know how to use them. If something goes bad, health help may be days away. Bring enough general supplies like antibiotic gel and band-aids so that you can care for locals you meet along the way. Don’t treat whatever thing out of your knowledge, but be kind where you can.

Sleeping and eating

The Kangchenjunga trekking loop links just enough small villages to make traveling without a cooking gear or tent possible.  Top in the mountains, you will spend a few darks in stone sheds used seasonally by yak herders.

If your travel guide does not plan forward, you may find yourself spending the rare night in a cave.

Dinner and lunch on a Kanchenjunga trek will contain of bhat rice and dal (lentils). Dinners are often augmented with a spinach-like green vegetable or side of boiled potatoes. Dal bath can be shockingly tasty and restorative after a long day of uphill trekking.

Breakfasts commonly take the form of some mixture of eggs, instant noodle soup and crispy pan fried chapatti.

The alcoholic drink of selection if tongba: a sour drink made from warm water, rice, fermented corn, and millet and stripped through a straw from what looks like a small butter churn. It is likely to negotiate rates for food and lodging as you go.

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