Road Trip Hacks For RV Newbies

 If you are about to set off on your first RV adventure, you are no doubt in for the trip of a lifetime. You are about to experience the open road and all the adventures it holds. If you are travelling solo, however, you may want to set up some hacks that will make your long drives easier and more entertaining. Even before you visit your local motorhome rental location and pick up your rig, take note of the following hacks that will make your first trip all the better.

Eating and Drinking Hacks

You most likely don’t want to spend a lot of time eating at locations along the road since this wastes time and keeps you from getting to your destinations on time. Therefore, you will most likely end up eating quick takeout in your parked rig before setting back out on the road. This is why you should always keep a plastic bag handy that contains forks, spoons, paper towels, and items such as ketchup and mustard packets. This will save you the trouble of picking these things up at the location. You should also always carry a roll of saran rap which can be used to keep leftovers and also to fashion a makeshift cup lid to avoid spillage on the roadway.

Navigational Hacks

You are going to need your smartphone on your journey. This will not only be for calls, but also as a navigational device. Of course there are accessories you can purchase to fasten the phone to the dashboard of your rig, but if you don’t have one handy you can always use a simple binder clip. Just take the clip and fasten it to the dashboard air vent, then slide your phone into the metal clamps. This will keep it secure and ready for use as a navigational device for your trip.

Another way to set up an easy navigational tool is to fasten an iPad to the sun visor over the driver’s seat. This way you can key in your journey on the GPS, slip the iPad into the holder on the visor, and have it guide you to your destiny.

Another thing you will need to worry about is staying charged up. This is why it is always good to invest in a multi-port charger Depending on the number of devices you have, a multi-port charger will allow you to keep them all charged up and ready for use. Charges can be had with as many as five docks, so you can keep five devices charged at the same time.

Seating Comfort Hacks

You are going to be spending a lot of time seated in the driver’s perch, so you are going to want to be as comfortable as possible. Make sure to take a seating cushion, and if you don’t have one then fashion your own utilizing a pillow from your home. You can also make your own seatbelt cushion in order to keep it from digging into your shoulder. Just take some towels and wrap them around the seatbelt, creating a cushion that will make those drives all the more comfortable.

With just these simple hacks, you can embark on your first RV journey in comfort and style.

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