The Beer Bike Is the Perfect Team-Building Event

If you are looking for an original group activity that is both a sport and a great way to relax, the Beer Bike is the perfect answer. Red Mago offers this unusual activity so you can go sightseeing with a group while enjoying a quality bar. We have a special vehicle that allows you to go sightseeing while pedalling. The Beer Bike fits sixteen people so you can bring all your friends or plan a fun team-building activity at work. Beer is definitely the main attraction as everyone gets to enjoy a delicious pint while pedalling. You will find a counter steer bike at the centre of the Beer Bike with chilled beer available. Your group will be pedalling and our driver will safely take you on a tour of the city. This activity is offered in several locations, including Valencia, Lisbon, Madrid and Barcelona.

Bar on Wheels

The Beer Bike is the perfect option if you want a fun way to spend an afternoon outside with your friends or need an original team-building activity for work. Beer is the perfect ingredient to bring everyone together and make sure everyone has a great time. You will have a common goal – pedalling to keep the Beer Bike going. The chilled beer available on tap is the perfect way to stay cool on a hot day and the driver will show you around the city while acting as your on-board DJ. It is not uncommon for participants to end up singing along as they pedal! We can choose the tracks that will be played or you can provide us with a playlist or with a CD if you already know what kind of music you want.

Pedalling will make you thirsty and we provide delicious chilled beer to make this experience even more enjoyable. The beer acts as a reward for the team and will keep everyone going. The rolling bar is the perfect way to bring everyone together and to discover a city. Think of the Beer Bike as a moving party that gives you the opportunity to have a great time together, share a common goal and discover the most beautiful touristic spots of a city. We will provide a chilled keg of beer for your excursion!

We offer Beer Biking in Valencia, Lisbon, Madrid and Barcelona!

What could be more festive than touring one of these beautiful cities with a customised Beer Bikes? You will get to enjoy some delicious chilled beer, have a great time with your friends, sing along to your favourite tunes and discover one of these cities. This is a great way to bring a group together, build-up team spirit and have a great time. Whether you need to find a team-building exercise for work or want to celebrate something, a Beer Bike is a great way to create some amazing memories. All you and your friends have to do is pedal and our guide will steer the Beer Bike. Red Mago can organise a Beer Bike whenever it is convenient for you and your team. Our Beer Bike even features LED lights so you can plan this fun activity during the evening or later at night. We provide the entertainment, including a DJ, some disco lights and of course a mobile bar with chilled beer on tap!

Build Business Relationships

If you are looking for a way to make your trip to Spain or Portugal even more memorable, consider the Beer Bike. If you had to come to Spain or Portugal for a conference or an important meeting, make sure your team gets to have some fun afterwards with the Beer Bike. This is an unusual activity that you will not find everywhere and a great way to have a blast while creating some fun memories and bringing your team together.

What makes a great business relationship? One could say that the best relationships are based on having a common goal, an efficient team and being able to move things forward. This is exactly what the Beer Bike is about! Everyone loves beer and this is really an original way to discover a city. You can book the Beer Bike during the day or night to take a break from a series of important meetings or to bring your team together to celebrate the end of a conference. Red Mago is here to make sure you have a good experience and plan the perfect corporate event.

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