The Magnificent Blawan Waterfall in Bondowoso

The Magnificent Blawan Waterfall in Bondowoso

The Magnificent Blawan Waterfall can be a good destination for vacation and exploring the beauty of Bondowoso. The location of this waterfall is far enough from Bondowoso city about 52 kilometers. But you can reach the location easily with transportation and there is also available accommodation for you. To reach the waterfall, you only need to walk along the stairs which is surrounded with cliffs that will look wonderful. It will be fun and challenging to the beauty of this unique waterfall. Why unique? Well, the waterfall has unique river end. The water goes down directly to the earth and the end will be shown again in other place called Asembagus that still in Bondowoso district. It would be very interesting and something like Niagara waterfall. You can only enjoy this big waterfall from the right side of it because the other sides are surrounded by high cliffs.

Not only the waterfall that is look great but also the other places that located near the waterfall. There are many other places that not far from the waterfall such as natural hot spring and DamarWulan pool. If you are visiting Blawan waterfall, you have also visit these places to enjoy the real beauty near Blawan.

  1. Natural Hot Spring

In the area of Blawan waterfall, you can find natural hot spring that will be interesting to be visited. Many visitors that come to Blawan waterfall also visit this natural hot spring because the location is not far from the waterfall. The hot spring is blended with sulfur from Ijen caldera and if you visit this place you can wash your feet. It is good for the skin.

  1. Natural Pool DamarWulan

The other attraction in Blawan waterfall is natural pool that called as DamarWulan. It has fresh water that is clean. It is suitable for wash your face and refresh yourself after long trip to this The Magnificent Blawan Waterfall East Java. There is a believe among people that people who wash their face with the water will get youthful look. You can believe the mythos or not but you have to try the fresh water in this pool that comes naturally to this place. The surrounding is also has beautiful view so you can enjoy the fresh air as well as the fresh water in this location.

If you are have vacation in east Java, especially in Bodowoso district, you should not miss this perfect location to explore. The waterfall offers beautiful view with cliffs surrounding. It will give more dramatic view to the waterfall. When you walk to reach the waterfall, you will be also accompanied the dramatic view of cliffs. In your way back from the waterfall, you can also visit other interesting places near the waterfall that offer beauty and refreshing nuance. You can visit natural hot spring for relaxation, natural pool DamarWulandan enjoy Small Park to take photographs. Well, take the most interesting vacation to explore The Magnificent Blawan Waterfall Bondowoso.

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